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Your Longevity Concierge

It takes more than just a pill.

Living longer and healthier requires you to step up. Lean into your longevity concierge to optimize your sleep, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and more.

The Saints One App

The Saints One app is your portal to longevity.

Track performance, connect with your personal longevity concierge, and empower your journey through personalized suggestions and insights.

By scanning the QR code on your Saints One bottle, the app will track the levels of each ingredient you consume to optimize your results.

Included in your subscription, of course. 

Longevity Saints

Every member gets access to a longevity concierge — think of them as a longevity saint who’s there to build out your plan, work on your goals, and check in on your progress.

Who are our Saints?

Our longevity concierge is staffed by our trained and vetted saints who have exclusive access to The Longevity AI pro version.

A Saint with access to all of the world’s longevity knowledge at their fingertips. Each works with a limited number of members and they are dedicated to your progress with Saints One.

What do they do?

Our Saints will build out your longevity goals and design a custom plan when you join and check in regularly to talk about your progress and work through any barriers.

Our Saints are always on hand for any longevity questions you may have, from how to access the world’s leading longevity clinics to building out a healthy and longevity-focused snack or meal regime.

Why a Saint?

Whilst other concierges can help you find tickets to a must-see show or book you a private jet, our Saints will help you towards living a longer and healthier life. Now that’s the kind of Saint everyone should have.

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The Longevity AI

Your state of the art resource for accessing personalised guidance, and the latest scientific breakthroughs, that will underpin your longevity journey.

Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

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Unlock the secrets of longevity.

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