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Saints.One® the complete longevity formulation.

One subscription which targets all the known causes of aging.

Guarenteed to support: genome stabilization, proteostasis, metabolic repair, improved intercellular communication, telomere protection, mitochondrial function, epigenetic processes, and cellular senescence.


We designed Saints.One® from the ground up to be potent, precisely dosed and continually evolving. We base our formula on peer reviewed and published clinical results from top tier scientific institutions, including leading universities. 

Saints.One® uses a comprehensive approach to aging. We do not rely on a single compound, and we know that for most people, creating a stack of supplements is more hassle than it’s worth.
We believe that we are at the very beginning of our understanding of life extension. Our philosophy is to combine all the most promising ingredients known today into a single, daily dose of supplementation. By covering every known base, we can offer our members the very best chance of a longer, happier life.

It delivers both protection against diminished compound production, and superior augmentation through novel therapeutics.  It is formulated in Switzerland, and made in the USA. We work within a clinically proven, research based and data driven scientific framework. We are constantly striving to ensure Saints.One® contains the very best, balanced mixture of nutritional supplements.

Saints.One® is about helping you enjoy life more. Membership includes a monthly supplement delivery, access to a personal Longevity Concierge™ and laboratory testing to track your progress . With life extension coaching, performance tracking, and insights via the Life Extension App™, Saints.One® is the smartest, easiest way to take he first step on a journey to a longer life.
The Very Latest Longevity Breakthroughs
Our Formulation

15 ingredients, One.Supplement, carefully selected, formulated and delivered to your door.

Longevity Concierge™

Living longer is a lifestyle.

True life extension relies on a little every day, rather than interventions. We believe the human touch is the best way to keep our members motivated and informed.

Your Longevity Concierge™ will guide, book, remind and educate you through regular interactions with longevity experts, a personal longevity doctor, and experts spanning nutrition and life choices. 

Through tailored sessions, personalized feedback, your Longevity Concierge™ expands Saints.One® into a complete solution. 

Longevity Concierge™ is included in the subscription and can be accessed through the Life Extension App™.

Skin, Body, Mind

Why take any supplement if you can’t see and feel the results? Saints.One has three key pathways to making real changes across skin, body and mind.

Life Extension App™

The Life Extension App™ is a seamless dashboard, tracking performance, connecting you with your personal Longevity Concierge™, and empowering with personalized suggestions, and skin/brain/body insights.

By scanning your QR code on the Saints.One® bottle, the Life Extension App™ will track the levels of each ingredient you consume to optimize your results.

The Life Extension App™ is included in the subscription and available for both Android and Apple devices. 


We believe a longer, healthier, happier life is a human right.

Each subscription includes the complete daily Saints.One® formulation, with the very latest ingredients and dosing each month. Access to the Longevity Concierge™, the Life Extension App™, all medical and specialist staff, and full support is included.

– Monthly Supplement Delivery
– 24/7 Longevity Concierge™ access
– Life Extension App™ to progress monitoring
– Guarenteed results
– White gloved support

Guarenteed Results

Our conviction in our formulation is strong. We believe that we can best express this by guaranteeing your biological age will be lower than your chronological age, if you take Saints.One® consistently for six months. We offer a full refund.

After tracking usage and dosage through our app, we will use an independent, certified third party laboratory to conduct an age test, to compare biological and chronological age from a saliva sample.

If, for any reason, your biological age is not lower after daily usage over six months, we will offer an immediate refund of all your subscription to date.

To learn more about chronological and biological age, click here.


A philosophical and intellectual movement which advocates the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies that can greatly enhance longevity and cognition.

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