Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

Created by scientists designed for human life.

We help you Take control
of your aging.

We’ve devoted a lifetime to the science of aging, so you can enjoy living longer, the easy way.

Join the waiting list and think less about aging.

Your gateway to our expertise.

A single subscription that includes monthly supplementation, biological  health tracking, testing, and a personal Longevity Concierge™


Potent GMP-certified essential ingredients to battle aging

One Solution

All-in-one formulation delivered monthly for free

Longevity Concierge™

Expert guidance, for a truly personalised programme

Skin, body & mind

A evidence-based approach on the cuting edge of science

Saints.One® delivers the reality of a longer life.

One Membership, one solution for the ultimate life extension programme.

Understanding and applying cutting-edge technology and longevity research is in our DNA.

Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

A first of its kind. Longevity, Guaranteed.

One Solution

All-in-one formulation and Saints.One Age Testing delivered to your door.

Age Tracking

Simple and convenient bioanalytical testing, valuable insights into your longevity progression.

Access to Experts

Leading longevity experts, at your fingertips.

Longevity, Guaranteed.

We guarantee that after six months of continuous supplementation, your biological age will be lower than your chronological age.

Our Values
Our Story.


We began with an idea - What is the optimum strategy for supporting longevity?...

... a complete formulation of proven life extension supplements, guaranteed to make a difference.


Today, we continue our scientific discovery programs across the globe.

Our manufacturing base in the USA, with our headquarters and labs in Europe.


Developed in Switzerland by our research team, led by Dr. Nataliya Vorobyeva.

Saints One comes from more than a decade of extensive longevity research..


We are founded on a philosophy of scientific excellence and depth of research.

Your journey to a life with longevity starts with Saints One.

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