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DNA Age Testing

From a simple, saliva based, at home test, we can help you discover the differences between your biological and chronological age.

Our testing unlocks almost 1,000,000 data points, providing a unique insight into your longevity secrets.

DNA Insights

Biological Age

Analyzing DNA methylation patterns to assess your cellular health and compare your biological and chronological ages, including an assessment of genetic and environmental data.

Eye Sight Age

The genetic indicators correlated with ocular aging provide a predictive measure of your visual health relative to your chronological age, and a foundation for improving vision.

Cardiac Age

The evaluation of heart health and function, measured through various genetic biomarkers. Simply put, it's a determination of your heart condition relative to your chronological age.

Memory Age

Specific genetic markers are a window to understanding memory age, offering insights into cognitive health and potential age-related memory performance enhancements using nootropics.

Hearing Age

Auditory function and hearing age are some of the best guides to evaluating the aging process and the success of longevity interventions, utilizing a special set of epigenetic tests.

Inflammation Age

The level of systemic inflammation, a key factor in the aging process. This metric offers insight into how well your body manages inflammation highlighting potential areas for improvements.

Test Accuracy

We use enhanced saliva-based epigenetic tests, leveraging advanced Illumina technology and algorithms developed from over 30,000 samples.

We employ the sophisticated Illumina Epic v2 array on an Illumina iScan machine. This advanced technology allows us to analyze DNA methylation across critical CpG sites, providing an unprecedented level of precision in understanding your genetic makeup.

Refined through the analysis of over 30,000 individuals and reinforced by independent, peer-reviewed research, AI will provide you with highly accurate epigenetic results.

Longevity Markers in Every Gene

Our approach is detailed, rigorous, and third-party validated.

We analyze at the single gene level, and look for specific longevity markers.

Let’s take a look.

Crucial for modulating gene expression, its methylation trends correlate with ageing and cognitive decline.

Encodes neuroendocrine secretory proteins, integral to hormone production that protects cognition as we age.

Influences the development of various body parts, with a strong link to general ageing.

Associated with cognition and development, particularly in ageing and memory dysfunction.

Regulates cell cycle progression, showing a strong correlation with memory dysfunction.

Essential in carnitine biosynthesis, a key component in maintaining healthy cognitive function.

Central to blood pressure control, its dysfunction can affect cognitive health.

Important for nervous system development, with a notable correlation with memory dysfunction.

Scientific Validation & Collaboration

Peer-Reviewed Research Integration

Each aspect of the analysis is backed by notable peer-reviewed studies, ensuring scientific rigor and accuracy.

Global Research Collaborations

These DNA testing methodologies are integral to research projects at institutions such as King’s College London, The National University of Singapore, and others.

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