Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

Your Longevity Concierge

It takes more than just a pill … or a gummy.

Longevity needs a 360° approach. Sleep, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and a whole host of other factors all work together synergistically for success.

Your longevity concierge is your guide to Saints One, and works hand in hand not only with you, but alongside our AI, scientists and advisors.

From providing encouragement and advice, to helping with the most complex questions, your longevity concierge is available through the Saints One app, via secure messaging or video conferencing.

A Membership Unlike Any Other

Every member gets access to a longevity concierge — there to build out your plan, work on your goals, and check in on your progress.

Who are our concierges?

Our concierges are all trained and vetted professionals who have exclusive access to our powerful AI.

Each concierge works with a limited number of members and they are dedicated to your progress. This places all of the world’s longevity knowledge just a few taps away.

What do they do?

Your concierge will build out your longevity goals and design a custom plan. They will then check in regularly with you to talk about your progress and work through any barriers.

Your concierge is always on hand for any longevity questions you may have, from how to access the world’s leading longevity clinics, to building out a healthy and longevity-focused meal regime.

The Longevity AI

Saints One members get access to an advanced feature set, exclusively available for them.

A seamless connection between the Saints One app and The Longevity AI means biofeedback, concierge insights, and DNA test data, all become a part of your longevity profile.

AI allows millions of data points to be built on your profile, utilized for your longevity.

Making the complex simple to understand. Providing the latest advice for your longevity journey.

Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

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