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A customized daily supplement, next-generation DNA testing, a state of the art app, and an expert longevity concierge at your fingertips – all backed by our longevity success guarantee.

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• Daily Dose of 6000mg Active Longevity Ingredients
• Progress Tracking with Our App
• Expert Guidance and Support from Longevity Concierge
• Comprehensive Genetic Analysis Program
• Personalized Insights into Health and Wellness

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Smart Formulation

A personalized blend, continually optimized, delivered to your door each month.


Infused with bioactive compounds that support regenerated, youthful skin that radiates age-defying luminosity.


Rich in micronutrients and antioxidants which synergistically optimize your body's cellular function and bone health.


Packed with nootropics and adaptogenics, to help support brain health, and enhance mental clarity, focus, and resilience.

One Subscription

Saints One is your longevity 360°. Enjoy personalized daily supplementation, insights from the Saints One app, your own longevity concierge, DNA testing, and expert advice on every step of your journey to a longer life.

Longevity Success Guarantee

By following the Saints One protocols you can activate the longevity success guarantee.


Your concierge is available for questions, queries, check-ins, programme building and detailed guidance.

Every concierge is a trained longevity coach, working in partnership with our scientists and advisors to provide you with the latest advice.

Saints One App

Your digital platform for optimizing your longevity.

Seamlessly manage your supplementation, connect into biometric health data from your mobile or wearable, track your performance, engage privately and securely with your personal longevity concierge, and receive tailored suggestions to enhance your longevity journey.

Saints One
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Laboratoire Longévité - Genève

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